☕ Morning fam, Eating the crumbs that fall from their mouths…

☕ Morning fam,
Black America is in trouble, serious trouble, the result of decades of aligning ourselves with the party of slavery, the Kan and Jim Crow. using our talents to enrich others and being the backbone of the Dem Party. Now that the veil has been lifted, negros are waking out of a deep slumber to find the world is changing, this country is changing, Dem run cities are changing… and not for the better. For the worse. Every problem worsened. Every issue exacerbated. Every group we abandoned our struggle to fight with pushed ahead of us by by our own, negro leaders doing the bidding of the white Dem machine, NPIC and prison industrial complex in exchange for sitting on the floor next to the table eating the crumbs that fall from their mouths.

Well those days are over. Tacos have replaced biscuits and asians, illegals and the lgbtq community are getting the crumbs that used to be reserved for house negros. And house negros, totally dependent on massa for everything are left to fend for themselves in the fields, where know they are to a disadvantage to the field negro. They don’t know how to grow shit. They don’t know how to plant seeds or cultivate a garden.

The house is on fire and house negros rather die in it with massa than eat a meal with their own. And bake a cake.

Fam, we gotta let em. #TheCrossroads

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