☕ Morning fam, SEVEN YEARS And Still No Justice #RIPKingDSeals #RIPMikeBrown #WesleyBell

☕ Morning fam, This is a day I dread. Darren Seals was found murdered on this day 7 years ago. SEVEN YEARS, and still no justice despite Wesley Bell running on Ferguson, one of the Soros funded black faced sellouts

Read more☕ Morning fam, SEVEN YEARS And Still No Justice #RIPKingDSeals #RIPMikeBrown #WesleyBell

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Check It Out! 👉🏾  ☕ Morning fam, They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The St. Louis region post Ferguson is a prime example. Chairman Fred warned about the consequences of movement without the benefit of education, how the powers that be exploit ignorance of those looking for something better or to make a diff. How they are easily manipulated/used to sabotage progression and against the very things they took to the streets to fight. In short, how we end up with worse. All it took was changing the face of the oppression and dangling carrots... making them think there was something in it for them. We took to the streets for justice for Mike Brown. Now our region is the child murder capital. And every issue we're facing is worse. And they used black faces to do it.