☕ Morning fam, The slogan IS the movement IS the grift.

☕ Morning fam, Black Lives Matter is done, the movement and the org. They ARE one and the same. The genius of the grift is how they got mofos talbout they support the slogan, but not the movement as if

Read more☕ Morning fam, The slogan IS the movement IS the grift.

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Check It Out! 👉🏾  ☕ Morning fam, Time is not on our side. As bad as things seem, beneath the surface, things are much, much, much, much, worse. Even with everything we've seen, lived through and that has been exposed, the masses don't know the half. Especially black masses... because we rejected what Malcolm told us about media, black leaders/entertainers and Democrats. We're either trying to 'return to normal', hold on to what little we have or in the cases of mofos that really don't have a clue, are trying to come up/reposition themselves in the system of whiteness. By the time black masses wake up to what's really going on, our fate will already have been sealed.