☕Morning fam, #GetValidationOrDieTrying

☕Morning fam, Negros are slowly coming to the realization that this time is different. Yeah times have been tough before and the proof that we’re still standing has been taken for granted and without zero thought about how… you know

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Check It Out! 👉🏾  ☕ Morning fam, Biden is sending another $40 billion (with a B) to the Ukraine. Cities are importing Afghans. Inflation is high. Crime is high. Gas is high... on top of everything else. Our situation gets more dire by the day yet still no plan or sense of urgency. Most are either resigned to accept whatever is imposed upon us or deep down are waiting for white folks to "fix it" for us. We have to fix it... and we have to build. Unfortunately a lotta of y'all don't know how to move without direction, instruction or structure from white folks. Do they really have to fix you and build it for you?