The Threads That When Pulled Will Unravel It All…

Gotta talk about the Bidens, plural, with an “s”. The Biden Crime family. Hunter and Joe ALLEGEDLY, (for the social media overlords) peddling influence and accepting bribes.

And before y’all start with the “But, but, but Trump” or “orange man bad, you might wanna research before you let your emotions get the better of you, especially if you haven’t been keeping tabs or if this is the first you’re hearing about this because you only get your news from lamestream media sources.

Joe Biden is everything they told you Donald Trump was. And worse. And he’s weaponized the federal government not just against Trump and MAGA, but against American citizens, even siccking the iRS on whistleblowers in retaliation for testifying in House hearings about his corruption and violating our 1st Amendment rights as a means to stifle any talk about covid, mandates and the 2020 Presidential election.

Make no mistake fam, what we’re dealing with is bigger than Hunter and Joe Biden, and even the Biden Crime Family.

They are simply the threads that when pulled will unravel it all.

– AltBlackNews

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